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  • Rarely is shipping required when buying products from Ssegold. If shipping is necessary, Ssegold will contact you with shipping costs prior to charging you for your order.


  • When you sell your gold to Mmobuyer, you sell them knowing that they will be the properties of Mmobuyer once payment is sent. Any account you wish returned will only be returned with written permission from our company. If at any time it is discovered that you, the seller, retrieve the ownership of the accounts from either Mmobuyer
    or any individual that currently holds ownership, Mmobuyerreserves full rights to receive a full refund.
  • The selling of duplicated, macroed, copied or any kind of mass-produced or fast-produced items and/or outside programs is prohibited. If such programs are used, Mmobuyer
    has the right to report these devices to the proper authorities. If the product is duplicated, macroed or copied, Mmobuyer reserves the right to delete the product, and issue no money or trade to the seller. It is illegal to sell these materials and Mmobuyer will knowingly stay away from such materials. Mmobuyer will never delete the product unless tested and confirmed that it is indeed an illegal material.
  • When selling any merchandise to Mmobuyer, you are responsible for all merchandise in the event of it's becoming unusable by Mmobuyer.com. If any of the above selling products terms are violated, Mmobuyerhas full rights to receive a full refund.


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  • Mmobuyer makes no claims to the title for any virtual items purchased through Mmobuyer.com. All virtual items brokered through Mmobuyer.com relating to the game are owned by their respective original licensors (eg. Blizzard Entertainment, Battle.net, Sony Online Entertainment Inc., Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc., NCsoft Corporation, LucasArts Entertainment Company Ltd., Square Enix CO., LTD.) Mmobuyeris in no way affiliated with the companies listed. Mmobuyer is merely acting as a temporary custodian of the interactive game items and/or accounts related to any service provided for each game. At the conclusion of any transaction, you assume Mmobuyer
    merely as a licensee of the respective game owners to use its intellectual property and you assume all responsibilities or obligations, and shall perform any and all duties owed to the respective game owners, and agree to indemnify and hold Ssegold harmless as set forth below.
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