Q: What payment methods we are offerring?

A: Only PayPal, Payoneer,Skrill and Webmoney available. For PayPal ,Payoneer and Skrill, we need your correct account email to send the payment. But for Webmoney,  we need your Webmoney wallet id (something like Z1234567). Please make sure you submit the correct payment details so you will get the payment efficiently. 

Q: How long to get payments usually?

A: Once you follow the tutorials and make the correct delivery proof as requested, we will confirm your orders. After that, you do not need to make a withdrawal in your wallet, and cashier will deal with your payments manually. PayPal is the fastest and easiest payment method for us so you will usually get paid daily but Skrill and Payoneer payments only available on weekly days due to cashier's work time. For Webmoney, cashier can send payment from Tuesday to Friday.

Q: What fees do I have to pay when requesting payments?

A: A certain amount of transaction fee will be taken by paypal/paynoeer/skrill based on their policy. For more you can contact us on Skype or Discord.

Q: Sometimes the price is low, what should I do?

A: Since this is based on real time demand and supply, the price will change quite often. Please don't take the orders if you can not accept the price.

Q: Why my order get canceled?

A:Please deliver the order and upload the delivery screenshots within 1 hour, or the order will be cancelled automatically. You might have to reset the order or it might be taken by someone else. So please do make it as fast as you could.

Q: I have some questions that weren't answered here. What should I do?

A: Contact us using your preferring method. We're using everything : skype, discord, and live chat.

Q: My account was suspended. Why?

A: Here are the most common situations :
Most likely we suspended your account due to suspicious stock? Its less likely that you have 10m gold in wow, 100m credits in swtor, etc. You get the idea. The stock that you add will be reflected upon our selling websites and partners, hence we can't have fake stock. If you really have that much, prove it, and we will unsuspend your account. Your considered a thief of clients in the RMT . (After filling the order your contacting our customers and providing them with a better offer.). We won't unsuspend your account and all your future accounts will be banned upon creation. Your contact information will be shared into seller's blacklist in order to prevent you from stealing customers again from anyone.We have proof that you sold currency stolen from phished accounts, or currency acquired using exploits.

Q: Is botting permitted?

A: Yes it is.