Hard to sell? Mark your servers to get alarm alert!

You may find it hard to sell when there is no demand for your servers? We manged to add the new alarm alert function

to keep you informed once new orders arrive. Here are some details you need to know to make full use of it:

1. You need to keep your windows open and logged in our site.

2. Our site will be refreshed auto every minute so you guys no need to keep refreshing yourself manually anymore.

3. You can mark your servers when there shows 0 demand by starring it. By doing so,these servers will be added to your

favorite. And everytime the page refresh, those favorites servers will come on the top and be displayed above all others.

4.Once you mark a certain server, pop-up window will show up along with the alarm alert when new order arrives.

5.Even if you just want to mark your servers but refuse to get alarm alert, you can remove by clicking this button.

Our hope is that the alarm alert can let you better notified with the instant demand in order to sell your stock faster.

If any feedback on this new feature while using it, please feel free to let me know!