Questions that you may concern:

Q:What preparation i need to make before selling to you?

A:Videos are always needed to confirm your orders so please make sure you record the videos as we required.

If you do not have correct videos, We will not confirm your orders but need to confirm with the buyer first to make sure he get the gold without any issue.

Please check for more details about the specific requirements.

Q:What payment methods we are offerring?

A:  PayPal, Payoneer, Webmony, Skrill, PerfectMoney and USDT (trc20) available. 

Please make sure you submit the correct payment details so you will get the payment efficiently.

If you want to change your payment details, please change before taking any orders.

Besides if you have unpaid orders, please contact us to fix for you or payment will be sent to your old account.

Q:How long to get payments usually?

A: Once you follow the tutorials and make the correct delivery proof as requested, we will confirm your orders. After that, you do not need to make a withdrawal in your wallet, and cashier will deal with your payments manually. And cashier has his own payout timearound for different type of payment.

Paypal, payoneer and skrill: daily on weekly days. 

webmoney and perfect money: every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. (exepect for holidays)

usdt : 100usdt minumum payout limit and twice a week