[Final Fantasy XIV] Preview of patch 4.25 the Forbidden Land, Eureka and Hildibrand

Patch 4.25 is nearly here, and today weoffer you a glimpse of the Forbidden Land, Eureka, whose name draws inspirationfrom the legendary labyrinth harboring Allag's most terrible weapons. Gatheryour friends and prepare for an adventure in a land rife with danger that maywell live up to its name. We also offer a sneak peek at the latest case of therealm’s most extraordinary detective.


The Forbidden Land, Eureka Anemos

Deep in the Glass Ocean, the great expanseof the Far East, lies an island recorded on no navigational charts. An islandthat seemingly appeared one day─an island that should not be. Recognizing itspotential as a trading post, the brave and ambitious ventured forth to exploreand claim it, only to discover an untamed land teeming with strange, monstrousbeasts...


Even Further Hildibrand Adventures

So long as the infamous Wolf Burglarremains at large, the wealthy and powerful of Kugane cannot sleep easy.However, these perfumed personages may soon find deliverance in Nashu Mhakaracca─andin one particular, one singular individual who surely needs no introduction.


From Square Enix