[FFXIV] Square Enix release detail of forbidden land of Eureka

Final Fantasy 14's latest DLC, Rise of aNew Sun, rolled out in patch 4.2 last month, and is the second majorexpansion following 2017's Stormblood. Matt "Bayohne" Hilton,from Square Enix's community team, has confirmed that The Forbidden Land -Eureka Anemos will follow in patch 4.25. The content will be similar toDiadem, which wasn't very well received at the time, but Final Fantasy 14'sdirector and producer, Naoki Yoshida, has elaborated on what's in store, andthe lessons they learned from Diadem's realease.

"We tried a few different things withthe Diadem," he said in an interview with PSU back in November,via Silicon Era. "In the first iteration we focused on content whereplayers farmed enemies without many clear objectives, and then toyed with theidea of having players complete objectives with a big surprise waiting for them(in the form of a monster). Eureka was developed based on our experiences fromcreating that content.


"The idea behind Eureka is to giveplayers the opportunity to experience content that has a completely differentset of battle rules from field or instanced content."


Director and producer, Naoki Yoshida,shared further details on Eureka in a recent live stream, with Siliconera postinga lengthy summary of the upcoming features.


Up to 144 players will be able to occupy asingle instance with an emphasis on teamwork, and they can drop in and out ofparties as they choose. If you're looking for a party to buddy up with, you canput up your "invite flag".


Player progression in Eureka will bedifferent to progression outside of it, with elemental levels forming the core,and a level cap of 20 being implemented. Enemies encountered will also fit intothe elemental system, with specific strengths and weaknesses.


While elemental EXP won't be lost betweenvisits, getting KO'd in Eureka will result in a penalty of lost EXP - unlessplayers get revived within 10 minutes of going down. On the plus side, if yourelemental level is five or below, you won't get penalised.


To nab Eureka gear, you'll need ProteanCrystals - found in Eureka - as well as an item from a "NotoriousMonster," of which there are a few, and you can expect them to be asdifficult to defeat as their name suggests.

The Forbidden Land, Eureka will drop inpatch 4.25, but a date has yet to be confirmed.

Recopied from IGN, Shabana Arif