[Elder scrolls Online] Dargon Bones DLC pack and update 17 now available on PS4 & XBOX

Ancient monsters rise to plague Tamrielanew in Dragon Bones, The Elder Scrolls Online's newest DLC game pack. Checkout everything you need to know about this new adventure and Update 17 in ourlaunch article!


We are thrilled to announce that the DragonBones DLC game pack and Update 17 are both live on PlayStation®4 and XboxOne. This new adventure and base-game update includes:

  • Two new dungeons: Scalecaller Peak and Fang Lair
  • The Outfit System
  • Home Storage
  • A new Level-Up Experience
  • Combat improvements
  • Two new Battlegrounds: Deeping Drome and Mor Khazgur


This new DLC is available free-of-chargefor all ESO Plus™ members or for purchase with crowns from the in-game CrownStore. The Update 17 base-game patch arrives free for all ESO players. 



With the Dragon Bones DLC gamepack, you will be able to explore two all-new four-player dungeons to earnpowerful new gear and collectibles. 



Zaan the Scalecaller has returned with anew patron, the Daedric Prince of Pestilence, Peryite. With her new master'shelp, she threatens to unleash a deadly new plague upon all of Tamriel. Youmust enter the long-abandoned temple of Scalecaller, battle your way throughplague-twisted monsters and cultists, face the resurrected Dragon Priest, andput a stop to her vile plans.



The lost Dwarven ruins of Fang Lair wereonce the final resting place of the mighty dragon Thurvokun. Now, it isinhabited by a dangerous Necromancer cult and their monstrous creations.However, the Blackmarrow Cult wants more than lost treasure: they aim toreanimate the bones of the long-dead Dragon himself! Make your way through thelost site and stop the powerful Necromancer Orryn the Black before he can bringhis terrible new weapon to bear on the people of Tamriel.


Both of these new dungeons can be completedin Normal or Veteran difficulties and contain a Veteran Hard Mode option forthose groups who truly want to be challenged. Each dungeon has its own uniquerewards, too, including new gear sets, monster sets, achievements, costumes andskins, and, of course, trophies.



The Dragon Bones DLC game pack iscompletely free to ESO Plus members or available for purchase for 1500 crownsfrom the in-game Crown Store. To buy the pack, navigate to the in-game CrownStore and find it in the DLC section.

Note that if your ESO Plus membershiplapses, you will lose access to the DLC game pack until it is renewed orpurchased with crowns. You will not lose any items or rewards you earned whileyou had access. ESO: Morrowind is not required in order to purchaseand enjoy the Dragon Bones DLC game pack.


DragonBones Collector's Bundle

In addition to the DLC game pack, the DragonBones Collector's Bundle is available for 4000 crowns from the in-gameCrown Store.

This bundle includes the DLC game pack, theFang Lair Courser mount, the Small Bone Dragon Construct pet, and five CrownExperience Scrolls. You can find and purchase the Dragon BonesCollector'sBundle in the Featured section of the Crown Store.



Once you have access to the DragonBones DLC game pack, you can delve into Fang Lair or Scalecaller Peak bythe following methods:

  • By teleporting directly to the two newdungeons from your map
  • By using the Dungeon Finder tool
  • By walking up to the dungeons and clickingon the entrance in Bangkorai (Fang Lair) and in Stormhaven (Scalecaller Peak)


\Are you inspired by the venerable DragonPriests of legend? You can dress like the ancient stewards of the dragons withthe Renegade Dragon Priest Mask. This new hat will be automatically added toyour Collections the first time you set foot in either one of the two newdungeons, completely free!



The Update 17 base-game patch will alsoarrive alongside the Dragon Bones DLC game pack as a free update forall ESO players. This update contains a host of amazing new featuresand improvements to The Elder Scrolls Online that everybody canenjoy.



Be who you want to be with the new OutfitSystem! Now, you can completely customize almost every aspect of yourappearance with unique Outfits, regardless of the gear you are wearing. Youwill have one free Outfit that you can customize at a cost of gold, but shouldyou wish, you can purchase additional Outfits and Outfit Change Tokens(allowing you to save gold) from the in-game Crown Store. To begin customizingyour Outfit, locate a new Outfit Station (previously known as Dye Stations).



With Update 17, we are also introducing anew home furnishings type: storage containers. With storage containers, you canfinally store bankable items in your own homes, freeing up space from yourbank, inventory, or craft bag. You can earn the first of these by leveling acharacter to level 18 and receiving it as a level-up reward, but there areseven additional containers you can acquire from in-game vendors and the CrownStore.


NewLevel-Up Experience

In order to help players better understandthe game and how to develop their characters, we've introduced a new level-upexperience. Now, when you level up in The Elder Scrolls Online, you'llreceive unique rewards and helpful gameplay tips to help you on youradventures. In addition to this, we've created a new Skills Advisor tool thatyou can use to help pick your character's skills and abilities based on adesired archetype.



In addition to the new features above,we've made some dramatic changes to ESO's combat system. These changesinclude improvements to Synergies, the removal of area-of-effect caps, changesto block costs, changes to cast-time abilities and interrupts, and changes tohow Heavy Attacks and the Off Balance mechanic work.



Update 17 will also arrive with twobrand-new PvP Battlegrounds. These new arenas will test you and your PvP teamin new and different ways.



This Orc stronghold has seen more than itsfair share of conflict over the ages, but thanks to its precarious ledges andlimited visibility, it is now the perfect arena for 4v4v4 battles.



Set deep beneath Tamriel, this cavernousarena is illuminated by the glow of the surrounding mushrooms, lighting yourway through its tight corners and winding pathways.

You and your allies can access bothBattlegrounds via the regular Grab Bag Battlegrounds queue in your Group &Activity Finder. Note that you must have ESO: Morrowind installed inorder to participate in Battlegrounds matches.

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