[Destiny 2] Bungie reveals Destiny 2 development roadmap

The first new update can beexpected on February 27 and should include score tracking, changes to emblemsand auras, the ability to see your Fireteam on destination maps, public textchat on PC, fewer repeat exotics, and mod and shader abilities as well asvendor viewing for Companion.

There's an added stretch goal for unique Nightfall strikerewards which Bungie warns may not make the deadline for this update.

The next update will be due to hit on March 27 and then anotherupdate is scheduled for sometime in May. Highlights for these include IronBanner 6v6, weekly Crucible playlists, Eater of Worlds prestige mode, seasonalCrucible rankings, private matches, and exotic masterworks.

By Hope Corrigan on IGN