[Notice]There are mainly three kinds of orders listed at our site.

Red orders: Those orders (which we mark them as red) are selling for instant and real demand so you will get the order 

details once you take the orders.

For the red orders, all you do is to deliver the gold fast and correctly.

You need to deliver the order and upload the delivery videos within 1 hour, or the order will be cancelled 

automatically (except for new world this game).

Once it's canceled, you might have to reset the order or it might be taken by someone else. 

Feel free to contact us via discord or skype for help if you get any problems.

Blue orders: Those orders (which we mark thenm as blue) are selling for stock purchase demand. We can buy all your stock for those servers with our own stocking accounts as long as the price listed works for you. It will not give the order details directly so please contact us via skype or discord after.

Black orders:Those orders (which we mark them as black) are selling for potential demand, please take only when 

you can accept the price.

For the black orders, as they are listed for potential demand so you need to contact us via skype or discord to confirm 

the order details.

Those orders are usually needed to be done by mails and video needed.

It may be a bit troublesome for black orders but can help you get rid of the gold faster.